New Bungie-boss, is it because of Destiny?

It seems that there are several happenings around Destiny recently, whether it be about the developers (Bungie), the rumors (possible sequel delayed), or the microtransactions. This time, we’re talking about the change of leadership in Bungie.
Harold Ryan steps down as CEO of Bungie.

His place is taken by Pete Parsons, who has been COO of Bungie since 2008. He’s worked at Bungie for 14 years now, so he earned his spot. Parsons is much more into Destiny than Ryan was. Under Ryan, there were misinformations about skill-based matchmaking, something that a good company boss should not allow happening. Parsons will aim to have a much more open, two-sided conversation between the developers and players.

Did Activision fire Ryan? Previously, we heard that Destiny‘s sequel might get delayed, which is something that the publisher doesn’t take kindly. On top of this, we have to add something else into the mix. If Reddit, Destiny‘s forum, and several podcasts that all liked Destiny up to now start to criticize the game that tens of thousands of people see and hear, then there’s trouble. Soon, we will get the Earnings Call about the game. Will it be on the green or the red side?

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