Another interesting Crash teasing!

„Where are you, Crash?” This question was asked by PlayStation‘s Middle East Twitter account with a picture included. It’s interesting: we don’t see an official, PS-related account grab our interest this way, especially with a character that has been teased twice in the past two years in various ways.

If you remember one of the earlier PS4 trailers, there was a Crash Bandicoot silhouette hidden on a sign in the background. Last December, we also saw Shawn Layden wearing a Crash T-shirt. (This turned out to be a disappointment as no Crash-related announcements followed.)

It’s intriguing how Crash shows up from time to time: one of the iconic characters from the 90s always disappoints us by not returning. We don’t even know if there’s an agreement between Sony and Activision to use Crash‘s license. Activision doesn’t seem to care much about the Crash Bandicoot franchise, so we may never know what’s going on.

Maybe something is brewing behind the scenes for an E3 announcement.

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