Vampyr will be a deep RPG!

We haven’t known a lot about Vampyr outside the fact that it’s from the developers of Life is Strange and Remember Me (Dontnod Entertainment) and that Focus Home Interactive will be the game’s publisher. There are quite a few details now, though; what kind of title will be Vampyr?

Dark? Of course. The game will take us to 1910’s, 20’s London. The UK’s capital isn’t in a good standing: the Spanish flu is killing a ton of people, and there are also quite a few vampires out on the streets.

Vampires: we are one of them. Jonathan E. Reid, a former high-ranked military surgeon, ended up as a vampire returning to London. This fact is going to play a role in the gameplay. As a vampire, we must eat, and the story will be affected by our choice of meal, so to speak. Reid can get new skills by drinking blood, although he has to seduce his victim to a dark, abandoned alley to devour without being interrupted.

It won’t be easy, though: not everyone welcomes vampires. The dynamic, real-time combat will feature both melee and ranged attacks, as well as special vampire skills. However, using these special attacks will drain your life! You must risk a chunk of your life bar against vampire hunters, vampires and other creatures if you want to use supernatural skills.

As an action-RPG, Vampyr will have a deep crafting system. You can loot your freshly killed enemies and the locations you visit to get tools, melee and ranged weapons as well as special ammunition to kill off your foes way easier.

Vampyr won’t be a weak game – it’s going to launch in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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