Overwatch: the IGN-leak wasn’t lying

Blizzard couldn’t do much after IGN prematurely using the banners and skin for their upcoming team-based Overwatch. They decided to pull finally off the expected official announcement of the game’s launch day.

Overwatch, which will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, will indeed launch on May 24. The IGN-leak about the beta testing opportunity wasn’t that far off either, although we got to know more details about the testing. There’s going to be a pre-ordering bonus for the beta. It sounds weird, isn’t it? You and your friend can hop into the beta two days early, so May 3 and 4 will give you enough time to get a step ahead the others. The open beta will start on May 5 and it will end on May 9. The other pre-order bonus is the Noire skin for the Widowmaker.

Let’s face it, seeing Blizzard do a team-based shooter is unusual. We can’t wait to see what they managed to put together. Will their game be defeated by Gearbox’s Battleborn? We’ll find out shortly!


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