Is There a Brand New Dragon Age Game Being Teased? Find Out Here!

Do you remember Mark Darrah? The executive producer of Dragon Age previously asked on Twitter that whether his fans would play a Dragon Age Tactics game or not (the question also mentioned platforms). It looks like he proceeded with work on this unannounced game!

„Ooooh what’s this? Oh sorry.” The tweet was accompanied by a small video as well. A red book with a burning tower logo. He turns pages twice, and he ends up with a page that says „Internal use only. Property of Bioware/EA.” It seems like a pitch document for Dragon Age Tactics. (A pitch is something that game developers create for game publishers so that they can begin development on this new game after the publisher – in this case, EA – accepts the pitch.

So Darrah has proceeded with concepting a new Dragon Age game behind the scenes. Electronic Arts probably have seen his ideas, and they might officially announce the new game in June.

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