Ratchet & Clank Had Their Biggest Launch

The old-new Ratchet & Clank game has been out on PlayStation 4 for a couple of weeks now. Despite the not entirely new story, the devs behind the duo (Insomniac Games) have announced that this installment brought the best launch in the series! ( You can read our review here.)

Indeed, in the last 14 years, we had multiple Ratchet & Clank games, but none of them was able to have as a good start as the PS4-exclusive reimagination of the first episode. The great sales were very likely helped by the lower price of 40 dollars/euros. Will Insomniac Games start working on a new game after this success? It wouldn’t be surprising: it has pretty much become a golden rule in modern gaming: if your game sells well, you are bound to make a sequel…

However, the movie doesn’t look as successful from a critical aspect. We haven’t seen it yet, so we don’t have anything to say about it. At least Sony and Insomniac Games had success, had they not?

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