Is From Software Developing For The PlayStation VR? [VIDEO]

From Software is recruiting new employees, because after leaving Dark Souls behind (this is confirmed: no DS4!) to work on something else. The video below shows that the devs are working on games for PS4, X1, PC, and… PlayStation VR.

Dark Souls is mostly related to Hidetaka Miyazaki, who was also the director of Bloodborne. Previously, he said that he has begun work on a brand new IP that hopefully takes From Software to a new direction. If we connect the two dots, we might just see that this game is possibly in development for the PSVR. Is Miyazaki entering the world of virtual reality?

While the two Dark Souls 3 DLCs are scheduled to launch this autumn and early next year, we might hear some new details about Miyazaki’s new IP – it’s possible that it will be available for the PSVR. Who knows, maybe they will announce the game at E3 this year followed by gameplay shown at the TGS?

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