Syberia 3 Surprises Us With A Trailer And A Release Date! [VIDEO]

Syberia isn’t a fast moving franchise: the first episode launched fourteen years ago, followed by the sequel in 2004. The third installment was announced no less than seven (!) years ago. Still, Syberia 3‘s development started only in 2013, so Kate Walker has been in the troublesome development hell for multiple years.

Microids is coming back strong – previously we have seen Agatha Christie’s ABC Murders from them, and that wasn’t a bad game by no means. They are now focusing on Syberia 3 as the next big project for this year. You read that right; the release date is also confirmed: Syberia 3 will launch on December 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!

Three teams are developing the game in tandem, which sounds a bit weird: 3DDuo, Koalabs, and Kylotonn Entertainment are collaborating on returning the Syberia franchise to success. Benoît Sokal‘s name is one of the keys to success: he’s the creator of Syberia, and he’s back to kick ass.

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