Two Red Dead Redemption Games Are In Development?

Rockstar‘s website had some coding linking to something unannounced.

A Reddit topic describes how Rockstar‘s games got identification numbers, and while two games (Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare) seem to be an exception to the rule, take note of how the numbers were assigned to the titles. Red Dead Redemption got 1, and Undead Nightmare received 111. However, 11 and 112 returned with a 404 error message. There might be coding ready for these unannounced games; it’s just that we can’t access them. The two games could be the sequel and the remake of the first Red Dead Redemption. We wrote about both earlier this week with an artist having a July 2015 dated Red Dead Redemption image that is now inaccessible.

Rockstar is preparing for something without a doubt. They also fixed the website’s source code as well since then.


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