Ed Boon Teases Injustice 2 And Another Game

Ed Boon, the creative director at NetherRealm, has tweeted about possibly continuing two franchises.

A few days ago we wrote about how Injustice‘s sequel can get a possible E3 reveal. „2 or 11 indeed…” – says Boon on Twitter. It’s easy to figure out what the co-creator of Mortal Kombat is talking about! 2 is relating to Injustice, while 11 is aimed at Mortal Kombat! Mortal Kombat 11, huh?

If both games are happening, the devs’ work methods might be changing. So far, NetherRealm has released a game every two years. Also, Ed Boon‘s profile picture is suspicious. Two towers. Is it a Roman 2? Is it an Arabic 11? Boon’s playing with us, but he’s doing it in a brilliant fashion…

With Mortal Kombat XL, it seems that NetherRealm has finished work on Mortal Kombat X. E3 is just a week away, and we’re likely going to hear about at least one, if not both games there.

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