It’s Official: The DC Universe’s Combat Continues! [VIDEO]

Have you been waiting for Injustice 2? Relax: NetherRealm is working on it!

After Gods Among Us, the second game (which has the slogan „Every Battle Defines You”) is in development. The devs have taken a little turn towards RPG, though: you will be able to customize your character’s look, fighting style, making your preferred hero/villain someone you’d enjoy playing. Injustice 2 promises one of the biggest rosters of the DC Universe: Superman, Batman, Gorilla Grodd, Atrocitus, Supergirl, Aquaman – just to name a few.

Unfortunately, we also have some bad news: the official announcement doesn’t mention the PC version. If you wanted to play the Injustice sequel, you’d probably have to get a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One by 2017, as the Warner-curse seems to continue.

The trailer, of course, has Superman and Batman fight each other. If only the movie were as good as this trailer…

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