[E3 2016] A Dramatic Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer [VIDEO]

The new Mass Effect trailer seems to be a little too dramatic at first sight…

Bioware seems to be in a tough situation: not even during EA Play have we heard a fixed release date for the new Mass Effect game called Andromeda. They only still say it’s coming in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Still, the Frostbite engine, which seems to be used more and more by other EA games, shows that the game isn’t going to be ugly at all. There will be a ton of action, and we got a glimpse of those scenes. A new galaxy, pushing the limits of the known space, and hostile planets’ aliens, mixed with the classic Bioware-touch – is it going to be an epic adventure?

We’ll see next year. Hopefully, the Bioware-departed people will not affect Andromeda.

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