Kiss goodbye to disks with the Nintendo NX?!

A trademark makes the rumors about the Nintendo NX to possibly use cartridges surface again.

On the NeoGAF forums, Atheerios found that the trademark filing for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a term that isn’t common. „Video game cartridges” – the 3DS uses this, which makes sense, as both the PS Vita and the 3DS use cartridges/cards for games. However, the Nintendo NX might join them, and if that is the case, it might be a radical step away from the PS4(NEO)/Xbox One(Project Scorpio), as both consoles use discs. A bold move on the big N’s end, perhaps?

As the Wii U version of the new Zelda game doesn’t have cartridges in its trademark (mind you; Breath of the Wild has a simultaneous Wii U/NX launch!), this situation makes it seem that Nintendo already decided to use cartridges.

We have written about the new console getting a possible reveal in September (here). We’ll see about that. Don’t be surprised if you end up seeing no discs!


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