Another PS2 Rockstar Classic Moves To The PS4. Which One Is It? [VIDEO]

Here’s a 1979 movie, based on Sol Yurick‘s book with the same name. This movie was the essence of Rockstar‘s licensed game in 2005 when they released it on the PlayStation 2. It’s The Warriors.

We’re taking control of one of the band members, and we’re going to commit multiple crimes. Breaking into stores, stealing cars, all while moving from the Bronx part of New York to Coney Island. Meanwhile, we’re also going to kick the asses of the other rival bands.

While The Warriors was previously available on the PS3 as well on the Store, you can now pick this game up on the PlayStation 4 with 1080p upscaled graphics, trophies, Share Play, and Remote Play. The price is 15 dollars/euros.

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