Saw 8 Begins Shooting This Fall?

MOVIE NEWS – Lionsgate is supposedly preparing for a September shooting in Toronto for Saw: Legacy, with the producers Oren Kroules and Dan Heffner returning.

After seven episodes, it seems that the horror icon Jigsaw is ready to strike again. There were already reports in 2013 that an eighth installment of the Saw franchise, entitled Saw Legacy was being done, and earlier this year, writers Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger will write the script. Today we know that the production may start this year in Toronto.

According to Movieweb the shooting is set to take place between September 21 and October 21, with Dan Heffner and Oren Kroules as producers – who have produced every Saw horror flick to date. A director is not yet chosen, but if the production truly is starting in just over two months, we may hear much more about this new horror film project. Cast members aren’t attached either, and Lionsgate hasn’t handed out a release date at this time.

Both original Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell have been keeping plenty busy as of late, with James Wan who will direct Warner Bros.’ Aquaman and Leigh Whannell writing Insidious Chapter 4, which was recently given an October 20, 2017, release date. There is another interesting tidbit of information from that 2014 report, though.

Oren Kroules teased two years ago that they were getting “close” with Saw 8, but he predicted that the sequel probably wouldn’t be announced until Comic-Con 2016. With San Diego Comic-Con just two weeks away, it’s certainly possible that the return of this franchise may be fully unveiled at the Con, especially following this report. Still, nothing has been confirmed by Lionsgate yet, so we’ll be sure to keep you posted as soon as more updates come in.

All seven films in the Saw franchise have earned $415.9 million domestically and $873.3 million worldwide. While that number doesn’t seem particularly high by today’s standards, six of the seven films cost just $57 million combined to produce, although there were no budget figures released for Saw IV. We’ll have to wait and see if we get any official confirmation on Saw VIII as we get closer to Comic-Con 2016, so stay tuned.

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