Gamescom: A Previously Fun Thing Banned For Security Due To Recent Terrorist Attacks!

Because of the recent terrorist attacks in Germany, in Cologne, a ban is now applied, which is hurting part of the attendees, as it hits their presence in a way.

This year, Gamescom attendees cannot bring fake weapons. Those who get a ticket to participate in the „European E3” (although it’s likely that the Paris Game Week will take this mantle in 2016), will have their imitation weapons and weapon-like items confiscated. We shouldn’t bring bags and rucksacks either unless it’s „absolutely necessary”.

Gamescom, which is going to be held between August 18 and August 21, is hitting the cosplayers the most. Let’s say that someone wants to attend Gamescom as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. This person makes his sword, too. However, now he can’t enter with said sword, even though that item is an essential part of the character. We understand the raised security, though.

Source: BBC News.

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