No Man’s Sky Discoveries: You Can Loose Every One of Them Because of a Bug!

Discovering planets, using the resources – just a few elements in No Man’s Sky‘s gameplay.

That’s where the problem lies, though: a few players have noticed that their discoveries on the revisited planets are all gone.

On Reddit, someone managed to get back to the starting planet, and it turns out that the discoveries are wiped. The named plants, animals – all disappeared. Others also encountered this issue.

Either the servers cannot keep track of everything, or – and this is a plausible reason – the discoveries are rotated out similarly to the waypoints (you always have six of them, no more).

After this subject, is it a surprise that Steam refunds your money regardless of how much you have played No Man’s Sky? In fact, even PlayStation 4-owners managed to get their hard-earned 60 dollars/euros back!

Hello Games and Sean Murray are in a crossfire – they are mostly silent nowadays…

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