Metal Gear Survive: Fifteen Minutes Of Tokyo Game Show Gameplay [VIDEO]

We got a quite detailed presentation of the first post-Kojima Metal Gear game.

Survive, which was revealed at Gamescom earlier this year, received mixed opinions from the community (including many negative comments), and despite this fifteen-minute long video with English subtitles, Konami still couldn’t make everyone believe in their game. There’s a mistake as well: these are MSF soldiers, and there’s a Diamond Dogs box. Konami flubbed there, although the game is far from being complete. (Perhaps this is why they reused most of the assets from Metal Gear Solid V…?)

Also, if these soldiers are capable of creating wormholes, why the hell do they defend themselves from those zombies with a simple fence? That logic is flawed, and the mission ends in failure as well.

Metal Gear Survive will launch in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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