King’s Quest’s Fourth Chapter Launch Date Revealed

King Graham has been silent recently, but he’s talking again. With puns. A lot of puns.

King’s Quest has been mostly okay (the first and third chapters were alright, the second one was the weakest link so far). The fourth episode, which obviously has a pun as always, is called Snow Place Like Home, and it will arrive next week. It looks like Sierra, and The Odd Gentlemen took cues from Telltale as in they also mention release timings just days away from the launch. Official description follows:

„In King’s QuestChapter 4: Snow Place Like Home opens on the fateful night when King Graham and Queen Valanice’s infant child Alexander was stolen from them. When Alexander mysteriously returns home 18 years later, however, Graham must decide how to reconnect with the boy he’s spent a lifetime searching for. And as father and son work together to solve the towering challenges of the puzzling Ice Palace, questions linger about just what happened all those years ago.”

The episode is out on September 27. It costs 10 bucks / euros, or you can get episodes 2-5 for 25 (Season Pass), and if you are interested in the two bonus episodes, the Complete Collection is available for 30.

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