Injustice 2: Two Matches In Thirteen Minutes [VIDEO]

Batman vs. Gorilla Grodd, Superman against Atrocitus!

NetherRealm has left Mortal Kombat X (XL?) behind to return to the universe of FDC Comics. The first Injustice game was just warming up; the real fight will happen in the sequel between the good guys and the villains.

The game, which will expand with RPG elements (customization of characters, affecting their skills as well) received a lengthy – over thirteen minutes long – video with the four previously mentioned characters. It originates from PlayStation Access’ stream. Who won the fights? We will not spoil them for you.

Injustice 2 will arrive in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No PC release in sight, but the port might happen at a later date. Initially, Mortal Kombat XL seemed to be console-exclusive until it popped up on Steam. Patience…?

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