The PlayStation 4 Is The Best-Selling Console In Japan

The Nintendo Wii U has lost its first place in the current-gen consoles’ race in Japan – Sony took the lead on home soil, too.

Nintendo‘s console has 3.265.329 sales. Despite launching over a year after the Wii U, the PlayStation 4 already has 3.267.243 sold, taking over the lead from the Wii U. This difference sheds a bad light on the Wii U on its way out.

What about the Xbox One, though? Well, the situation is terrible: Microsoft didn’t even get a hundred thousand (!) consoles sold since it launched in Japan. The Xbox One is 2:1 behind the PlayStation 4 worldwide, but in this country, the green console is more like 30:1 behind the blue one…

This scenario will turn worse, though. Next to the PlayStation 4 Slim, the PlayStation 4 Pro comes in November, which will likely pull in even more sales for Sony.

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