Star Citizen: Squadron 42 Will Not Launch This Year!

Another game jumped off the „upcoming games in 2016” train.

The single player campaign that will have a few stars (such as Gary Oldman) split off Star Citizen‘s MMO part in February to ensure that players don’t have to spend on one part if they don’t want to do so. (Which means that if you don’t want the online component of Star Citizen, you can just grab Squadron 42.)

So far, “2016” was the release date for Squadron 42, but according to Eurogamer, the delay was announced regarding Cloud Imperium Games‘ project during the CitizenCon live stream. Chris Roberts also added that most of the twenty-eight chapters are still in preliminary stages of development.

At least the game is in progress. We don’t think Squadron 42 will not hit the PC in 2017 either, though.

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