Red Dead Online – Is This Game All The Hype Is About?

Rockstar teases the internet with two images. Perhaps we learned about their plans.

On social media, the developers put up two, Red Dead-related photos, and everyone freaked out, starting to guess what Rockstar is going to reveal. We didn’t jump on the hype train, but now, something popped up that might be related to what Rockstar has been doing over the course of the weekend.

It turns out that Take-Two Interactive, the publisher, has silently registered a website – That’s not something unintentional – a publisher wouldn’t spend money on registering websites for no reason. (They have a lot of cash, though – Rockstar dumps money into them via GTA Online, which is the reason why there’s no single player DLC for Grand Theft Auto V.)

So it seems that after Grand Theft Auto Online, Red Dead Redemption Online gets the same treatment. If that is the case, shouldn’t there be a game next to it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? (And possibly PC?) Will Rockstar update the first Red Dead Redemption game? We stop guessing here.

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