Is WipEout Coming Back?

A reliable insider’s comments seem to point to the chance of a famous PS1 franchise coming back on the PlayStation 4.

Shinobi602 has been saying the truth multiple times regarding PlayStation titles – earlier this year, he said that God of War (which was called as God of War 4 then) would get a reveal at E3, but The Last of Us 2 is only in prototype format, and it wouldn’t be shown. He was almost spot on with these comments.

On the NeoGAF forums, he seemingly confirmed WipEout‘s return on the PlayStation 4. It wouldn’t be a new title, but a remaster of some sorts, similar to Crash Bandicoot’s return with the first three titles getting remade on the PlayStation 4. He expects the announcement at the PlayStation Experience.

A futuristic racing game on PlayStation 4, in 4K, with even VR? It would be outstanding. We’ll see on December 3 and 4, at the PlayStation Experience.

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