The Last Of Us Film Is In Trouble, Too?

MOVIE NEWS – Sony doesn’t seem to have luck with their game-to-movie iterations…

Seeing the Uncharted film finally getting some progress going is one thing, but The Last Of Us is also standing still. The last time we heard about it in April, it already was in „development hell,” making Naughty Dog‘s other franchise coming to a screeching halt.

In his interview with IGN, Sam Raimi, the producer has said that there are disagreements between Sony and Neil Druckmann (the game’s producer, plus the script writer for the film). A standstill is happening despite having first heard about the cinematic adaptation over two years ago.

While Raimi can’t help the situation too much, if there’s an agreement between Druckmann and Sony, he’s glad to get back to work on The Last Of Us. However, this scenario seems unlikely – don’t expect the film ever to be completed at this rate…

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