Watch Dogs 2’s DLC Is Delayed, Here’s Why

Ubisoft is delaying Watch Dogs 2‘s DLC. The (actually decent) game finally has working online at the moment.

Originally, the T-Bone DLC would have launched next week on the PlayStation 4 (Sony’s console receives new content a month before the other two platforms due to timed exclusivity!), but seeing how Watch Dogs 2‘s online was disabled at launched, forcing the devs to make a patch in late November, the DLC is moved back to December 22.

While the delay isn’t significant, Ubisoft‘s mentality is noticeable. Although they don’t release some of their games in the best possible format, they push DLCs back to fix the issues in their games. The same happened to The Division.

It might be one of their last independent moves, seeing how the constant raise of shares held by Vivendi in Ubisoft.

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