Nioh: A Boss Fight On PlayStation 4 Pro [VIDEO]

We got another great look at how the „Japanese culture-powered Dark Souls” will look on the stronger PlayStation 4!

Nioh, which was announced earlier than The Last Guardian, didn’t end up being forgotten, which means that Team Ninja’s RPG will present us showly how the alternative timeline, dark fantasy-themed Sengoku-era Japan will look.

Thanks to PlayStation Access, we can have an almost nine-minute look at the Ogress bossfight, and it was played on a PlayStation 4 Pro as well. You can’t present the game in a better form than the video below, can you?

We don’t have to wait much longer until Nioh, because it’s launching on February 7 in North America and a day later in Europe, respectively. (Publisher: Sony, Koei Tecmo kept the rights in Japan, though.) After 12 years of development, it’s alive!

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