Will For Honor Come With Dedicated Servers? Well… [VIDEO]

For Honor, which will also require an always-on internet connection, had an NDA, and someone broke the rules he agreed on with Ubisoft.

El_Duairra has uploaded a video on, which showed that For Honor – at least currently! – has only a P2P system. It means there are no dedicated online servers for the game…

What does it mean? Quoting the video’s description, „P2P brings a whole lot of problems, where if you have any network restrictions (Not all ISPs allow you to change them) you are just going to run into issues trying to play. Constant disconnects, games being interrupted, hosts cheating and so on.”

For Honor is launching on February 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If Ubisoft doesn’t implement dedicated servers by the launch, they might shoot themselves in the leg…

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