NieR Automata Collaborates With Another Game After Final Fantasy XV [VIDEO]

In the Jump Festa trailer, another Square Enix title shows up in NieR: Automata.

Previously, we wrote about the teaming up with Final Fantasy XV, but this time, it’s Dragon Quest’s turn. In the video, we can see Noctis’ Engine Blade from the already almost a month old Final Fantasy title, but the Cypress Stick also makes an appearance from Dragon Quest, which has its 11th numbered installment in development.

When using the Engine Blade, our character’s dodge will show the same visual effect that occurs when Noctis dodges successfully in Final Fantasy XV. The Cypress Stick will display damage in numbers when attacking, and it also changes the look of the in-game chests to that of the ones found in Dragon Quest.

NieR: Automata is out in early March in English on PlayStation 4 with a PC port also in progress.

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