Resident Evil: Vendetta Got A Trailer With A Returning Character [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Resident Evil is gearing up to 2017…

No, we’re not just talking about Resident Evil 7, which is launching on January 24 (with the impossible hopes of reaching four million sales on the launch day only), but about Resident Evil: Vendetta, an animated movie as well. It got a beautiful trailer.

Vendetta is happening after the events of Resident Evil 6, and two gentlemen are seeing a return from previous games. Leon and Chris have to face a new bad guy called Glenn Arias… who, apparently, is capable of controlling some hyper-super-zombies. Oh, Rebecca Chambers is showing up, too!

While there is no word on making the movie available in Western cinemas yet, Capcom’s trailer has Japanese subtitles and English voice acting. Capcom is preparing for the Western audience – there is no other explanation for the English dub.

Resident Evil: Vendetta is launching in May in Japan as Biohazard: Vendetta.

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