Double Dragon Is Coming Back! [VIDEO]

The franchise will celebrate its thirtieth birthday in style.

Arc System Works announced that Double Dragon IV is heading to PlayStation 4 and PC. It already has its Japanese release date and pricing set in stone: the game’s out on January 30 for 800 Japanese Yen, which is a little less than seven dollars. That pricing is quite friendly.

The reasoning behind the low price is that the game is returning to the 80s NES 8-bit style. The developers have previously been the original staff of the arcade version of Double Dragon, including producer Takaomi Kaneko, director Yoshihisa Kishimoto, character designer Koji Ogata, composer Kazunaka Yamane, and programmer Kei Oyama.

Double Dragon IV will set its story after the events of II (the Shadow Warriors being defeated), and it will allow two players to fight at the same time as well. There’s a huge chance of an English release, too – the Double Dragon IV website is available in this language as well.

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