The Things You Can Do With A Mass Effect 2 Save… [VIDEO]

No, Mass Effect 3 is an ordinary usage for a save. It’s time for something else!

Frog Fractions was a Flash game in 2012, being a spoof on edutainment titles. Two years laters, a sequel surfaced on Kickstarter… and the game finally released in silence in December. However, it is part of an alternate reality title called Glittermitten Grove, where the „frogging” was hidden. You can find out how you can get to the secret game below in the video.

Jim Crawford, the founder of Twinbeard and the developer of the previously mentioned games, has implemented an option to allow us importing a save file from Mass Effect 2. We don’t know exactly how or why this works, but he told Polygon that there’s a puzzle which requires multiple saves of Bioware’s action RPG.

What a weird world we live in…

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