Mass Effect: Andromeda: No Switch Port?

The new Bioware adventures might not be available on Nintendo’s Switch.

Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s producer, Mike Gamble had an interview with Stevivor, where he said that currently there are no plans to port the game to the Switch, but if there’s enough demand for it, they will consider a fourth platform for the new Mass Effect title.

It makes sense to port Andromeda to the Switch, because Mass Effect 3 got a Wii U port (not the first two games, though) a few years ago.

Perhaps it’s time to knock on Bioware‘s door: if the developers do make the switch to the Switch, the Nintendo version might be a step ahead: unlike the PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC version, we could take Andromeda with ourselves anywhere.

When will Bioware finally reveal the release date for Andromeda? Are they preparing for the Switch presentation?

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