Let It Die Is Now A Millionaire [VIDEO]

Senpai, we have reached one million! – the game’s iconic character could say this sentence without a doubt.

Grasshopper Manufacture’s PlayStation 4 title, the free-to-play Let It Die (which originally surfaced from Suda51’s mind as Lily Bergamo) is popular: since the PlayStation Experience launch on December 3, the game has crossed the line of one million downloads, according to the title’s official Facebook page.

The stylish game, featuring Uncle Death, will offer a free Death Metal between January 6 and January 8 each day to everyone after logging in each day. It should make completing the story a bit easier, but by the time you get to the end, you’ll shoot/slash/gain a level a few times…

How does the game fare? Well… look at the game’s first hour and judge for yourself. If you like it, head to the PlayStation Store, it’s free!

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