This Game Is NOT Coming To The Switch

There’s already somebody in the opposite camp.

Gearbox is developing Borderlands 3, even though all we have heard from them recently was about Battleborn. However, the new Borderlands is unlikely to hit other platforms than the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC.

Randy Pitchford previously said that he’s open to new ideas. After all, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel received a NVidia Shield port, and technically, that hardware can be called as the brother of the Switch. However, Pitchford says that talks between the two parties have stopped, as Nintendo has „other priorities,” meaning that the Switch will likely not get the new Borderlands game. (Perhaps the shooter is oh-so-aggressive for the big N?)

At least Take-Two seems to be somewhat interested in the Switch: NBA 2K18 is getting a port on the Switch, but other than that, we don’t see anything else from them…

It seems the Wii U-story is repeating: after the initial support, the third-party companies leave the console behind…

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