Dead Space Could Have Been System Shock 3

Resident Evil 4 had a large influence on what the final version of Dead Space has become!

In their interview with PC Gamer, two designers of Dead Space, namely Ben Wanat and Wright Bagwell, have said that Capcom’s game has been a significant inspiration for them. In fact, Leon’s adventures made the team change the original concept altogether!

„Originally, we were pushing around this idea of maybe we could make System Shock 3. And you can look at the Dead Space blueprint and be like, ‘Oh, this is kind of like System Shock. To do a System Shock 3, you’re tackling a monumental task, to make people happy with a sequel that wasn’t made by the same team as the original,” Wanat said.

„When Resident Evil 4 came out, we were just awestruck by it. We were all playing it, and we were like, ‘Holy shit, this is a awesome game. They’re trying to tell a story; they’ve got some cool cinematics; the gameplay systems are fixing a lot of problems, bringing it into this action realm but keeping this intense horror feel to it. It was this amazing combination and–of, the enemies were so freaking cool,” Wanat added.

However, Visceral (back then, their name was EA Redwood Shores) ended up changing the plan into Resident Evil 4 in space. It was a decent game, though…

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