New Sales Figures Of The PS4 and Xbox One! Which One is the Winner?

Despite Microsoft not publishing official sales figures of the Xbox One anymore, we can still somewhat track the performance of the console.

SuperData‘s analysis says that Xbox One has twenty-six million consoles sold by the end of 2016, making it 2:1 outsold in comparison to the PlayStation 4. This difference is still huge despite Microsoft outselling Sony for four months in a row between July and October last year.

Microsoft’s statement says that Xbox Live has forty-seven million active users each month, which means a lot of people have likely upgraded from the 360 while keeping their accounts, and the Windows 10 userbase has to play a role in this number, too. (A Microsoft account is effectively required for that operating system!)

SuperData put PlayStation 4 to 55 million, so if we add the two consoles together, the result is 81 million users (although some households have both consoles, mind you) – this figure is higher than Electronic Arts’ Chief Financial Officer, Blake Jörgensen’s predictions of 80 million by the end of 2016.

Can Microsoft catch up to Sony this generation?

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