ZeniMax vs. Oculus Lawsuit: Zuckerberg Has Never Heard Of ZeniMax!

The two companies face each other at the court because of virtual reality.

ZeniMax and id Software claims that they are behind the breakthrough of VR, and because of it, they filed a lawsuit against Oculus in 2014. The lawsuit states that Oculus misappropriated VR-related ZeniMax trade secrets, plus infringed their trademarks and copyrights. The lawsuit started not long after Facebook purchasing Oculus outright for two billion (!) dollars.

In August, the case rolled further, involving John Carmack. (Yes, THAT John Carmack, the grandfather of FPS games!) He got accused of taking thousands of files (including proprietary intellectual property, or IP for short) with him on a USB drive before he joined Oculus, where he is currently in the Chief Technical Officer position after helping out Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus in the early days.

Now, we learned the comments of Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg. He thinks that ZeniMax is only suing them for money, and he also stated that he has never even heard of the name ZeniMax! The twist here is that Carmack has moved from id Software (owned by ZeniMax!) to Oculus. How in the world has he never heard if the company?! He also said that the claims of Carmack stealing IP are false, so there’s no reason to fire him.

Zuckerberg also said that VR would need about 5-10 years (and about three billion dollars for the Oculus Rift) to make the technology truly shine.

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