Prey: Final Release Date Revealed [VIDEO]

Bethesda and Arkane didn’t just announce the release date for the upcoming Prey: they also published a new gameplay video.

They also confirmed that a pre-order bonus is in the works as well on all three platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC), called the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack. It comes with a special Margrave shotgun, which is a heritage in Morgan Yu’s family. It also has two medkits, three Neuromods (ability points), a Fabrication plan to create more ammo and the shotgun, as well as a starter kit to make more ammo or tools.

Prey, which was (re-)revealed at E3 last year, is developed by Arkane Studios, and it will be available from May 5. In it, Talos I will be the main location of the plot. We awake as an experiment, but the space station is overrun by aliens. Our goal is to find out what happened and what dark secrets lie within ourselves.

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