The „Futuristic Dark Souls” Got A Release Date [VIDEO]

The devs behind Lords of the Fallen also hinted at the launch window in the latest trailer.

Too bad that The Surge, which could be easily described as a Dark Souls set in the future (which somewhat makes sense; Lords of the Fallen, which in turn was very similar to the Souls games, seem to be present in the gameplay), got only a CGI trailer and not a full-blown gameplay presentation. The game’s launch isn’t that far, because the video mentions May…

„Freshly recruited as an augmented worker, Warren’s first day coincides with a catastrophic event deep inside CREO, during the routine surgical operation meant to graft, through flesh and bone, the exo-suit required for the company’s employees. This disastrous event marks the first in a series of brutal events, turning this first day at CREO into a hellish nightmare of robots gone haywire, crazed employees with fried cranial implants, and artificial intelligence all wanting Warren dead,” the press release says.

We can’t say if Deck 13’s new game will be good or not judging by the trailer, but as it launches in May on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, we’ll be able to experience it shortly.

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