Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass’ Exact Launch Days Revealed [VIDEO]

DICE finally gave an exact date for the launch of the first DLC of Battlefield 1.

So far, we only knew from DICE and Electronic Arts that They Shall Not Pass, which will bring the French Army, new weapons, maps, as well as the new, Conquest game mode, would launch in March. However, they now told us when exactly it would become available: from March 14… with a twist, though. The Season Pass holders get a two-week advantage, which means that if you do not have the Season Pass, you will have to wait until March 28 to acquire the DLC on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This is the publisher’s way to make people fork out double the money early for the full game.

Battlefield 1 is having a free weekend right now on Xbox One and PC, and we previously wrote about it before. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 is left out of this event.

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