Overwatch: Introducing The Next Hero [VIDEO]

The list of the playable Overwatch heroes expands further than before.

On the PTR (test server on the PC), Overwatch‘s next character is already playable. Her name is Orisa, and she’s a tank with a further firing range than the other tanks. What skills does she have under the hood?

She can use a protective barrier to protect teammates, similar to Reinhard’s shield. It will project anywhere she targets it, which means she can also protect herself along with allies, and Symmetra’s Ultimate Fire can go through it. Her Supercharger Ultimate is an item she can throw on the ground, and it looks like a drum, which will boost the damage output of multiple teammates in its line of sight. The other team can destroy it, though, so consider using a barrier for it as well. She can also „launch graviton charges to slow and move enemies” with the Halt ability.

You can see her in action in the second video, while the first one shows Orisa‘s origin story.

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