Is Far Cry Going To Copy Red Dead Redemption?

Ubisoft might be copying Rockstar’s formula.

Previously, we wrote about how there was some film crew footage recording in United States’ Montana state for Red Dead Redemption 2. Back then, it seemed that it was Rockstar doing something, but the story takes another twist: Jason Schreier, who is a known insider for Kotaku, has confirmed on the NeoGAF forums that this film crew was doing something for Ubisoft!

Back in January 2015, Ubisoft sent out a survey regarding the next Far Cry‘s location, and one of the options were a late 19th century America with a spaghetti western turn.

So, is Ubisoft preparing for an E3 announcement? Also, where the hell is the new South Park game? One more piece of information saved for the last: Far Cry 5 might be out in September!?

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