Hitman: Is It Staying At IO Interactive?

Could it be that Agent 47 would stay with the Danish developers after Square Enix?

PCGamesN states based on German GameStar’s information that the Hitman franchise’s rights would stay with IO Interactive even after Square Enix quitting the company. Its announcement was shocking everyone earlier this week. GameStar’s sources claim that IO will officially announce the situation next week, and they could also say when the second season would launch… as the first one ended with a somewhat annoying cliffhanger. The „sequel” could arrive as early as 2018, or maybe in 2019.

It’s plausible that IO has received backing from another publisher, and if we had to guess, it would possibly be THQ Nordic, a Scandinavian company, who started to gain a lot of strength recently with titles such as Darksiders 3 getting announced…

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