Netflix With Games? Introducing Jump!

A subscription service with games instead of series and movies…

Jump is going to be a Windows/Mac/Linux-based subscription service, focusing on older, and indie titles. Its closed beta is running until July 24 with 10-20 games, and the full service should be arriving by the end of the summer with 60-100 titles for 10 dollars per month.

Anthony Palma, the CEO, and Cade Peterson, Vice President of content and community told the following to IGN: „Because we’re doing a very curated catalog, each of the games will get enough of their time in the sun to earn money. This adds a whole new stream of revenue [developers] wouldn’t have gotten before because a lot of the games will be able to earn money from customers who either passed on buying it in the first place or have never heard of it.”

Palma also compared Jump to the film industry, which would be a large – pardon the pun, but – jump (Jump?): „If you think about the parallel to the movie industry, a movie goes on premium sales through theaters, and when those sales start to dip off, they look at other avenues and eventually end up at a subscription service, like HBO or Netflix or wherever. That doesn’t exist in gaming right now, and particularly not for indies.”

Jump is working together with PlayFab to have online functions, such as matchmaking, leaderboards, and cloud. Jump’s website can be found here. How much chance does it have against Steam and GOG? Also, why does it feel like a mix of OnLive and Ouya…?

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