Ex-Hitman Devs: No Idea Why Square Enix Ditched IO Interactive

Former developers of Hitman cannot understand the decision why the Japanese company has gotten rid of IO Interactive, who at least managed to keep the license of Agent 47.

Ultra Ultra, which is currently working on Echo, was formed by previous IO Interactive employees. They were working on Hitman too but left before the game shipped, meaning they weren’t there when the publisher abandoned the team. Martin Emborg, the CEO of Ultra Ultra, told the following to PCGamesN: „So you really got this modern Hitman game they had promised before, and after that, the split? No fucking way. I have no idea why they did it, but I have no doubt that Io will land on their feet and do something awesome.”

He also mentioned that IO Interactive is experienced in both service-based and episodic games. The former approach is also what Square Enix is shifting towards in recent times, which makes their decision of leaving IO behind weird…

We don’t understand it, either. Echo will launch on September 19 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, while the second Hitman season is yet to be announced.

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