Until Dawn Developers’ Two PlayStation VR Games Get Release Dates! [VIDEO]

Until Dawn’s prequel, as well as a shooter,  will launch by the end of this year on the PlayStation VR.

The Inpatient, which was announced at E3 by Supermassive, the makers of Until Dawn, will launch on November 21 in North America, and November 22 in Europe, respectively, according to Sony’s announcement. The game will play sixty years before the events of Until Dawn in the Blackwood Sanatorium.

The other Supermassive virtual reality game, Bravo Team, was also announced at E3. The FPS, which will be in a fictional Eastern European city, will arrive on December 5/6, depending on your region. Sony confirmed that it would support DualShock 4, Move, and PlayStation VR Aim controllers.

Perhaps these two games were on Sony’s mind a few days ago when they promised AAA titles for the PlayStation VR!

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