Injustice 2: Atom Joins The Party [VIDEO]

NetherRealm continues to expand the ever-growing roster of fighters in their recent game.

Warner and NetherRealm announced that Atom would be a playable character in the form of a DLC, which means another person joins the fun of the DC universe infighting. Here’s the press release about the character via Warner: „Physics prodigy Ryan Choi took on the mantle of the Atom when his mentor—and original Atom —Ray Palmer mysteriously disappeared. Now armed with quantum shrinking technology, Ryan will use the subatomic power of the quantum bio-belt to seek out his lost friend and further the fight for justice.” (We didn’t understand much of that… we’re not Einstein, after all!)

Atom has no release date yet (as he’s not part of the second Fighters Pack… will there be a third one then?), but his character sounds promising regardless. Injustice 2 is already available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A reveal trailer follows:

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