Batman: The Enemy Within’s Second Episode Causes Scandal!

Someone seems to have not wanted to work much at Telltale… or was there some tight deadline that caused this event?

Telltale puts out two episodic games’ latest chapter in one week: on October 3; they launched the second episode of Batman: The Enemy Within called The Pact (we’ll review it this weekend), and the fourth episode of Guardians of the Galaxy will follow on the 10th. The former one made a minor graphical detail a huge mistake that might be backfiring…

What happened? Well, Telltale took an image of Andrei Karlov, who was the Russian ambassador to Turkey. He got shot in Ankara at an art exhibition, and the devs took the photo of his body through Photoshop, putting it into the game without any other modification.

What’s the issue? Telltale probably forgot to look for the source of the photo, and this event will likely cause Russia to be mad at them. Who knows what else will happen regarding this seemingly lazy copy-paste…

Source: Eurogamer, Twitter

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