Spec Ops: The Line’s Writer Would Not Work On A Sequel!

Walt Williams has said bluntly that he would not like to work on a sequel of one of the pleasant surprises of 2012 if there was a chance for it to happen.

Yager’s game, Spec Ops: The Line was memorable (even though the multiplayer felt slapped onto the game), but it was a financial failure. A Twitter user asked the game’s writer why there’s no sequel for the game. The response follows: „Because it was a brutal, painful development & everyone who worked on it would eat broken glass before making another. Also, it didn’t sell.” He then added that it was a hyperbolic comment and that everybody has moved on from this game.

Still, Yager’s game wasn’t bad, especially due to its storytelling, hidden messages and psychological effects displayed. „How many Americans have you killed today?”

You can read our review here.

Source: PC Gamer

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